May 15, 2024

Today I read a research that points to the three most important elements in happiness and mental wellness:

  • Friends
  • Family
  • Faith

In a world bustling with the noise of the new, it seems we are urged to return to these ancient harbors of human connection and belief. And maybe, it is a lack of something to believe in the root cause behind the current mental health crisis in the youth.

Imagine, then, a modern exodus back to the philosophies of old—Taoism with its serene acceptance of life’s flow, the Stoics with their unflappable resilience, and the embracing warmth of Tantra’s loving side. Could these venerable views, tried and tested by time, offer the youth of today a new (or is it old?) path to mental fortitude?

The notion is captivating: a philosophical revival as the remedy for a faith crisis that shadows the mental health landscape.

What if this journey into the past empowered a new generation, not with dogma, but with a diverse tapestry of thought to navigate the complexities of modern existence?

Just picture it—youths, typically seen with gadgets in hand, now scrolling through digital renditions of Marcus Aurelius or Lao Tzu on their smartphones, powered by AI.

Imagine them finding solace in age-old wisdom that adapts to their modern lives, whispering through sleek apps, “This too, shall pass.”

Perhaps in old wisdom, reborn in the new age, we shall find happiness and mental wellness quietly, profoundly rediscovered.