Dear Diary,

Who would say that the 21st century would bring a new rise in Fundamentalism, this time not religious but ideological.

Today I’ve been reflecting on how certain modern leaders, recently seen in Spain, whom I’ve dubbed the ’new ayatollahs,’ do not tolerate criticism and demand to be treated as infallible gods. Anyone who dares to question or dissent from their line (or simply inquires him on a corruption case that involves his wife) is quickly labeled fascist, ultra-right, or anti-democratic. It’s ironic how they proclaim themselves defenders of democracy, while promoting a singular way of thinking and demanding absolute loyalty to the supreme leader.

It reminds me of the German Democratic Republic, which, despite its name, was precisely the part of Germany where democracy was non-existent. This play on words and reversed realities leads me to think of an Spanish saying: “Tell me what you boast of and I’ll tell you what you lack…”

In these times of polarization and dogma, the irony of these names and the realities they conceal seems more relevant than ever. Each page of this diary is a witness to how words, once sacred and full of meaning, can be manipulated to lose all sense in the hands of those who seek power over truth.