Dear Diary,

Today, as if caught in a wicked tale of enchanted desserts, I once again succumbed to the siren call of baked cheesecake, cunningly paired with mango ice cream. Oh, the temptation! Yet, the sweetness of the moment quickly fades, as if by some dark magic, when the prior amalgam of sushi, noodles, and Beijing duck rolls decides to assert its presence with vigor. Mere minutes after indulging, my body begins to feel as though I had swallowed an anchor instead of a meal.

The dessert menu, so innocent and appealing, omits these side effects that seem to warrant a pharmaceutical warning. I envision a disclaimer at the bottom of the page: “Caution: May induce drowsiness, heaviness, and profound regret.” Wouldn’t that be courteous?

So here I am, dear diary, declaring my resolve to break free from my cheesecake addiction. I yearn for days of mental clarity and light digestions, rather than naps forced by gastronomic battles. Let this entry serve as a reminder: sometimes, the sweet finish isn’t worth the bitter consequences.

Cover No, this won’t be my last cheesecake, but I’ll be mindful not to get addicted to it.