1 April 2024

Dear Diary,

In my electric Easter odyssey, what an adventure yesterday turned out to be! As a faithful travel companion, my Tesla and its autopilot never disappoint, but yesterday… Oh, yesterday was the exception that proves the rule!

The return to Madrid was expected to be packed, and my eagerness to join the human tide at Tesla’s SuperChargers was palpable. Act one: La Gineta. With 8 loyal chargers beckoning, I discovered, to my horror, that 3 had decided to take the day off. There I was, calculator in hand, estimating the eternity it would take for my turn among 7-8 cars with the same bright idea.

Impatience nipped at my heels, and with a “this isn’t the end of my journey,” I hit the road towards Atalaya del Cañavate, trusting in the just but sufficient charge of my electric steed. But, surprise! Upon arrival, a metallic serpent of more than 20 cars awaited with the same hope as mine. Three hours of waiting became our tribute to modernity, as we watched only 6 of the 14 charging stations willing to partake in our Sunday crusade.

Amidst the commotion, Tesla held its ground with 6 of its 10 warriors standing. But Iberdrola, oh Iberdrola, in its ivory tower, offered not a single knight on this battlefield: 0 out of 4, all on vacation.

The irony arrived this morning, as the radio sang praises to Iberdrola’s “fantastic charging infrastructure.” A fantasy as tangible as unicorns on the most critical day and on the busiest route. To Iberdrola, with its crown of greenwashing firmly in place, I would offer a reflection: less sloganeering and more action, for in key moments, advertising doesn’t recharge batteries.

With a sigh, I close this chapter, dreaming of a future where the electric promise is not just a radiant illusion.

Until the next adventure, Victor

Cover The radiant illusion of and electric future that was not.