Dear Diary,

Today, my home office turned into a stage for a Shakespearean dilemma: the battle between the external keyboard and the laptop’s built-in counterpart. A clash of convenience versus comfort, where minimalism meets the allure of efficiency.

With each test, I feel like an indecisive director at an endless rehearsal. Will the external keyboard, with its expansive key landscape and ergonomic promises, take the lead role in my productivity? Or should the trusty laptop keyboard, my companion on nomadic days, continue to star in this show?

My palms seek rest on the plastic stage, while my fingers perform a familiar dance across the laptop’s keys. Yet the external keyboard, with its distinguished touch and ample space, tempts me with the promise of a grander performance.

Caught in this act of indecision, I realize the irony: as I fret over the perfect choice, the play’s time ticks away. The truth unveils itself between the lines: the keyboard does not dictate my fate, nor does it script my story. In the quiet of focus, any keyboard becomes the ideal instrument.

Thus, on this stage of possibilities, I learn that sometimes, simplicity holds the key to true mastery. And perhaps, just maybe, having fewer options not only eases life but also liberates the true essence of our creativity.

With a sigh of relief and a smile, Victor