Dear Diary,

Today I ponder how politics turns into a puppet show, where strings are cunningly pulled to manipulate the audience’s emotions. I observe how politicians, masters of discord, use their words to divide, anger, and pit us against one another, all in an effort to mobilize us for their own ends.

I have decided, dear diary, not to partake in this spectacle. I choose not to engage in political arguments, so as not to become another puppet on the stage of their schemes. By staying out of the fray, I seek to preserve my peace and autonomy, avoiding having my energy drained by fruitless conflicts.

In this corner of the world, I opt to focus on what truly enriches the soul and nourishes the heart. Because, at the end of the day, politics should be about the common good, not about power struggles that only leave us exhausted and disillusioned.

So here I stand, firm in my decision not to be a puppet, but a conscious observer, seeking to understand rather than judge, and to love rather than argue.

With renewed hope,