Great sales people teach their clients a different way to think about their issues.

A research (by CEB) asked thousands of customers about what is it that they valued most from their suppliers. The results showed that what sets the best sales reps apart is the value of their insights in how to make the customer make or save money in ways they did not know were possible.

Customers loves salespeople who teach and discover new ways for them to succeed.

As a sales person your job is to teach your clients on new approaches to succeed in their business.

  • Get better by learning about issues in their industries and how to apply your capabilities (products & services) to address them.

  • Keep learning about new trends, technology and opportunities that could make a difference for your customers. That is how you bring value to them.

That is meaningful work, as you help your clients achieve success and have a big impact in their organizations. What can be more rewarding than that?

Keep learning, teach your customers and make a difference.